‘Deep’: Creative Challenge Day 1

I’m making this up as I go along but yes; I’m giving myself a challenge. Basically, I’ll find a prompt, then pump out some creative literature in response.

Today I cut lines from a poem by Ocean Vuong called Toy Boat, which happened to be in an open tab on my web browser.

The lines I took (chosen randomly of course) were:

as if the seconds / each wave / to arrive- or

and this is what I produced:

Slippery feet on the shore

Each wave; a breath

As if the seconds

Were a heartbeat- whispered


For the tide to arrive- or

Take me home

In the depths

Its arms

And I am the siren- now


I am the ocean now


I am the lust of your nightmare


I will take you home

I will carve the throne

From your own bad taste

Watch me, come

Place your slippery feet

On the shore

And we’ll see

If your small bloody heart

Can resist the deep


Hope you enjoyed it! Prompt suggestions are welcome for Wednesday’s challenge!

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