‘Close(d)’: Creative Challenge Day 4


The poetry of Leonard Cohen (a master lyricist and musician, in my humble opinion) is the prompt for my creation today.

I chose to use Montreal Afternoon from his Book of Longing, lines 4, 7 and 9:

the prayer book is open

playing that right

the kitchen door is open

And here is my poetry, also accidentally incorporating the title of Leonard’s work.

My hand drifts up your torso and you open like the prayer book on the table and whisper praise to me and beg I let you in but I have closed the kitchen door as I felt a draught that made my skin prickle and all I can say is that I am afraid
Of you? No, not exactly. Of my soul being sucked into a vacuum if I keep my mouth open too long but I adore you
Forgive me when I throw my frightened arms in the air, protesting your imagination won’t play right with mine, I am sitting on a book of longing and the words are too confused for me to read right now but let me run my fingers through your universe first and when we get home baby, I will tell you stories


Thanks for reading!

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